Category: Now Closed

Things no longer in existence. Pages retained here in order to not break other people's links, and in some cases for data-mining purposes. (See also Category Temporarily Closed for places that will be reopening at some point.)

When a place closes:

  • Remove all categories other than "Featured Article", "Ex-Oriental City", any pub crawl categories (e.g. "38 Bus Route Pub Crawl") and the dated Good Beer Guide categories: "Good Beer Guide 2007", "Good Beer Guide 2008", etc. You do need to remove the plain "Good Beer Guide" category, as this is the category for currently-existing pubs in the current guide, but the others should be retained as historical fact.
  • Note that this means if it wasn't a pub, it wasn't an ex-Oriental City place, and it was never a featured article, then it should have all the previous categories removed.
  • Add the "Now Closed" category.
  • Remove all the locales.
  • Remove the phone number (as it may later end up being reallocated) and opening hours.
  • Remove the website and Twitter links.
  • Remove the postcode and OS coords from the Additional Information to stop the place showing up on location searches.
  • Edit the content and summary to make it clear that the place has closed, preferably explaining why you know it's closed (linking to a news story, for example). You can leave in any information that might still be of interest.
  • If you want to leave in old reviews verbatim, you can enclose them in <div class="old_info">...old info here...</div> to make it more obvious that this is old information.
  • It's not necessary to remove addresses, map links, or photos.

Auto-generated list of closed places:

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