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Suchard Freehouse, SE1 3JW

  • 2 Crucifix Lane

Suchard Freehouse was a pub serving Thai food fairly near London Bridge Station. It has since been replaced by Kin + Deum, a Thai restaurant run by the children of the Suchard Freehouse's landlord.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Pub serving Thai food fairly near London Bridge Station. This place is the sister of Suchard Thai on Tooley Street, and the menu is identical (though the quality of the food doesn't seem to be as good here).

It's not a huge place, but it's not tiny either. Some small leather armchairs/sofas as well as normal chairs and tables. Seating for probably about 30 people all told, plus half a dozen stools at the bar, and some standing room. There's also a pool table in a little annex to the main room.

Kake visited on a Monday afternoon in December 2007. I was the only customer except for one older man drinking a pint very slowly. There was piped music, not too loud, possibly Thai as I couldn't understand the lyrics. On the easy-listening side of pop/rock (but not in a bad sense). Strongbow was £2.50 (they didn't have any real ale).

I ordered from the "one bowl dishes" section of the menu, where you get to choose your protein (fish, chicken, tofu, etc) and sauce, and it comes with rice. Fish dishes are £7.50, and the fish is deep-fried in large chunks. I ordered fish with garlic, chilli, and Thai basil, and it came very quickly. Unfortunately the fish was overcooked, or possibly they used old batter — it was a bit tough and chewy. The sauce had a decent amount of flavour though.

According to their website as of September 2012, food is served noon-3pm and 5:30pm-10:30pm Mon-Sat.

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