Don's Cafe, CR0 1RG

Don's Cafe is a small greasy spoon cafe located on Surrey Street Market in central Croydon.

The decor is traditional greasy spoon — formica tables with fixed seats attached to them. A small open kitchen produces a wide variety of meals including the expected range of all-day breakfasts and other more lunch-friendly foods. The breakfasts are a typical example of the genre — you won't find organic bacon or free range eggs or anything remotely posh on offer here. The customers include local tradesmen, which can only be taken as a sign of quality to those who appreciate a good greasy spoon.

As of May 2009 there are 5 or 6 set breakfast plates available, priced between £3.50 and £4.50 but they're happy to remove or add things as you wish, and the prices for extras are clearly advertised (between about 50p and £1 depending what you want added). Breakfasts come with a mug of tea or coffee and a choice of bread and butter or toast.

Robbie and colleagues tried out the breakfast options in May 2009. The sausages were basic but functional, though the bacon was nicely cooked — just crisping up around the edges, but not dry. The hashbrowns came from a packet, as did the chips, though both were acceptable. The fried mushrooms were good though.

In June 2013, Kake's cup of tea was 70p, though it didn't come "very weak" as requested but rather "very milky", which is not the same thing.

The staff were friendly on both our visits, though the service is, as you would expect, somewhat basic.

Accessibility: A step to get in. Tables and seats are fixed to the floor. There's a wide and uncluttered aisle from the door to the service counter, which possibly leaves enough room to pull up a small wheelchair or park a small pram at the end of one of the tables (but not definitely — we haven't checked).

Last visited by Kake, December 2013. Opening hours obtained from a member of staff, September 2016.
OS X co-ord: 532235 OS Y co-ord: 165465 (Latitude: 51.372851 Longitude: -0.101594)
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