Bengal Clipper, SE1 2YR

Indian restaurant near Tower Bridge.

Note: According to the LondonSE1 forum, as of October 2018 the Bengal Clipper is closed. It's not clear whether this closure is permanent or temporary.

DrHyde, Kake, Bob, Nick, and others visited on a Friday evening in April 2008. We got a table without too much trouble. DrHyde's verdict is "Yum yum yum". Good food, good wine, cocktails, and not too pricey unless you get pished. Don't worry too much about the pianist noodling away next to the entrance. Yes, he does make the place seem like it's going to be a load of pants, but he's not really audible from most of the tables. Kake was particularly fond of the red kiss cocktail (£7); both delicious and dangerous.

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Last visited by DrHyde, Kake, Bob et al, 25 April 2008. Opening hours taken from sign outside, May 2008. Note that they slightly contradict the ones given on the Bengal Clipper website, which are the same Mon-Sat but state noon-4pm and 6pm-11pm Sun.
OS X co-ord: 533787 OS Y co-ord: 180021 (Latitude: 51.503295 Longitude: -0.073815)
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