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Category: Locale:
  1. A Wong, SW1V 1DE
  2. After Taste, SE1 6SF
  3. Bamboo Basket, KT18 5DB
  4. Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall, NW9 0FH
  5. Baozi Inn, WC2H 7JS
  6. Barshu, W1D 5LF
  7. Bing Chinese Takeaway, SE17 3BN
  8. Bright Courtyard, W1U 8EW
  9. Category Dim Sum
  10. Category Royal China
  11. Category Sichuan Food
  12. Cha Cha Moon, W1F 9BN
  13. Chang's Noodle, WC1A 1EP
  14. Chef Chinese Restaurant, BR8 7TQ
  15. Chilli Cool, WC1H 9EW
  16. China City, WC1H 0JZ
  17. China Palace, E16 1DR
  18. China Red, CR0 3JS
  19. Chuan Chuan Xiang, WC2H 7JS
  20. Crown And Pepper, CR3 6RA
  21. Crystal China, SE1 4TP
  22. Dilara/Uyghur Restaurant, N4 2JF
  23. Dragon Castle, SE17 1JL
  24. Food House, SW19 8AB
  25. Food House, W1D 5QH
  26. Gerrard's Corner, W1D 6QW
  27. Gold Mine, W2 3RR
  28. Golden Dragon, W1D 6JW
  29. Golden Gate Cake Shop, W1D 5BR
  30. Good Earth, SW3 2EP
  31. Good Morning Vietnam, SW11 1TN
  32. Hap Lee, SW16 4AA
  33. Hing Loong, SE1 4TL
  34. Home, SE13 6JZ
  35. Hunan, SW1W 8NE
  36. Imperial China, WC2H 7BA
  37. Jasmine Garden, SE1 4AL
  38. Jen Cafe, WC2H 7JP
  39. Joy King Lau, WC2H 7BL
  40. Khani Cuisine, SW17 0RT
  41. Kitchin N1, N1 9AA
  42. Kung Food, EC1R 5DU
  43. Le Tran Cafe, SE16 3TP
  44. Lido, W1D 5QF
  45. Lotus Floating Restaurant, E14 9RH
  46. Ma La, SW1P 2BL
  47. Mama Lan, SW9 8PR
  48. Manchurian Legends, WC2H 7BE
  49. Mandarin Palace, IG2 6JZ
  50. May's, W4 2EU
  51. Murger Han, NW1 1DA
  52. New Culture Revolution, N1 8BL
  53. New World, W1D 5PA
  54. No. 10 Restaurant, SW5 0QT
  55. Noodle Oodle, W2 3RR
  56. Noodles City, SE5 7AA
  57. One And One, N1 9LQ
  58. Oriental Brasserie, W4 2HD
  59. Palace, KT3 4BH
  60. Pan Tao Garden, SW17 0RJ
  61. Panda, E11 4QS
  62. Pearl Liang, W2 6EZ
  63. Peking Diner, BR1 5AA
  64. Phoenix Palace, NW1 5PG
  65. Ping Pong, EC4M 9BE
  66. Ping Pong, SE1 8XX
  67. Ping Pong, W1F 7JL
  68. Princess Garden Of Mayfair, W1K 6ZD
  69. Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, SE16 4LA
  70. Red And Hot, NW1 1JD
  71. Rising Sun, SE12 0DU
  72. River View, E1W 3TU
  73. Rose Vegetarian, NW9 9HH
  74. Royal China, E14 8RR
  75. Royal China, W2 4QJ
  76. Sai Mantra, IG2 6HW
  77. Sanxia Renjia, W1T 2PP
  78. Sanxia, BR1 1NZ
  79. Saravanaa Bhavan, E12 6SA
  80. Shanghai Surprise, SE17 2QW
  81. Shanghai, E8 2JS
  82. Shanshuijian, E14 7JD
  83. Sichuan, SE10 0QJ
  84. Silk Road, SE5 8TR
  85. Singapore Orchid, CR5 2RB
  86. Slurp, SW16 1BW
  87. Surrey Street Market
  88. Tai Tip Mein, SE1 6TE
  89. Tian Fu, W12 8AR
  90. Tiger Lily, SE1 5UB
  91. Twin Palace, DA6 7LE
  92. Winner, SE17 2AX
  93. Wuli Wuli, SE5 8TR
  94. Yaki Noodle Bar, IG11 8RY
  95. Yi-Ban, E16 2QT
  96. Yin Court, RM14 3BL
  97. Zen Buddha, HA8 7AU

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