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Places in the Top 100 list of the 2007 Good Curry Guide.

The Good Curry Guide is published roughly once every three years. It's edited by Pat Chapman and sponsored by Cobra beer. Inclusion in the Guide is dependent on reports by members of the public, and they explicitly state that they won't exclude somewhere simply because it serves "standard formula curry", as long as "someone, maybe more than one person, has taken the trouble to write in and praise the place". Standards are more stringent for inclusion in the Top 100, however; this requires "several detailed excellent reports", including at least one from a regular "elite" reporter, and preferably a visit from the editor as well.

The Good Curry Guide website is here.

For RGL purposes, this category includes only those places in the Top 100; at the time of writing we've not visited them all, but of the 14 or so that Kake has been to, only two were really misses, which isn't bad at all.

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