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Railway line in South-West London consisting of a loop with two tails. The western tail leaves the loop between Teddington and Strawberry Hill to terminate at Shepperton via Hampton, and the eastern tail leaves the loop at Clapham Junction to terminate at Waterloo. The main body of the loop encloses [Richmond Park]? and [Wimbledon Common]?, and has a diameter of about 7km in the north-south direction and about 10km in the east-west direction. The north side of the loop between Barnes and Twickenham is also the south side of the Hounslow Loop Line, and part of the main line down to Reading.

Most services on the line start and finish at Waterloo, running in a one-tailed loop, while a smaller proportion of services follow the western tail off to Shepperton. During the week, 4 services per day go between Waterloo and Shepperton via Richmond - two to Waterloo in the morning, and 2 to Shepperton in the evening.

Since trains run in both directions around the loop, this means that some Waterloo trains will be a lot faster than others; for example, if travelling from Kingston to Waterloo, the trains via Wimbledon will get you there quicker than the trains via Richmond.

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