Useful Things To Note

Here are some useful things to note down about pubs, restaurants, etc. See House Style Guidelines for specifics of formatting.

Structural things and accessibility

  • Opening times. Remember to note down the source of these, e.g. "obtained from member of staff", "taken from website", "taken from menu", and the date (month and year) when you obtained them.
  • Step-free access.
  • Presence/absence of accessible toilet.
  • How much seating there is (e.g. "seats about 30") and what type (normal chairs and tables, high stools, sofas, etc). If the only seating is on high stools, this is worth noting, as it's an accessibility issue.
  • Whether music was playing on your visit, and how loud it was (too quiet to hear over conversation, loud enough to be listened to but not to get in the way, loud enough to impede conversation, loud enough to be physically painful, etc). Optionally also the type of music (jazz, classical, '80s pop, etc).
  • Child-friendliness.
  • Dog-friendliness.

Food and drink

  • Times that food is served (including source as for "Opening times" above).
  • Prices of any food and drink that you consumed, and a short assessment in the case of food.
  • Availability of Halal food.
  • Vegan-friendliness.
  • Vegetarian-friendliness.
  • Real ale — is there any, how many choices are there, what are the choices (just give a selection if there are more than, say, four). If you had some, was it a decent pint? If it wasn't a drinkable pint, how did the bar staff react when you took it back?
  • Other notable interesting drinks, e.g. large whisky selection, several real ciders, interesting soft drinks, etc.

Other facilities

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