House Style Guidelines

Naming issues

  • Pubs and restaurants should have the postcode in the page name.
  • Categories that refer to the type of a thing should be plural (e.g., pubs); categories that refer to an attribute of a thing should be singular (e.g., pizza and breakfast).


We're adding dates to all writeups, so people can get an idea of how up-to-date the information is. Just something like "Last visited by Kake, January 2007.", and/or "Food last sampled by Billy and bob, March 2007.".

If you put your last-visited dates inside <div class="last_verified">Your info here.</div> then they'll be formatted slightly differently to make them easy for Guide visitors to identify.


Suggested locales for a page:

  • name of area
  • major part of postcode, e.g. SE16

Don't put individual pages into locales like North London, South London, etc; you want things like Bermondsey and Soho. An "area" might be an official council ward, or just local terminology. If in doubt, use the term you'd use to describe the location to someone else, e.g. "It's in Soho".

You can find out the ward name by putting the postcode into WriteToThem and looking under the "Your councillors" column. Note however that ward names are not always good locales. For example, "Riverside" in the London Borough of Southwark is practically meaningless.

Some places might be considered to be in more than one area, since areas do overlap. This is fine; just put the place in both. See for example Angel, SE16 4NB, which is on the border of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe; or anything in, say, Locale Isle Of Dogs, which is completely contained in Locale Docklands.


The main photo for a pub, restaurant, etc should be a view from the outside, to give people some idea of what they're looking for when they're trying to find the place (see for example Cedar, SW19 1BA).

Locales and categories can have photos too. Stock photos are fine for e.g. food categories — they don't even have to have been taken in London (see for example Category Bagels).

Please don't use watermarked photos. Please also try to avoid using photos with people in (though for busy areas this is sometimes tricky).


Quote beer prices to the exact penny. Quote food prices to the penny too, unless they're £n.95, in which case round up to the nearest pound. Thus, a burger costing £5.55 gets quoted at £5.55, while one costing £5.95 gets quoted at £6. If quoting prices, make sure to note down the date on which you determined the price, so people reading your review in a couple of years' time can allow for inflation.

Opening hours

Use the following format for opening hours: "Mon: 9am-2pm, 5:30pm-9pm; Tue-Sat: 9am-9pm; Sun/Bank Hol: 11am-3pm". To avoid confusion, use "noon" and "midnight" rather than "12pm" and "12am".

Other times

In line with the opening hours guidelines above, use 12-hour times (e.g. 7pm) rather than 24-hour times (e.g. 19:00), and "noon" and "midnight" rather than "12pm" and "12am".

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