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Tramlink (previously known as Croydon Tramlink) is London's only tram system, covering South London exclusively.

It stretches from Wimbledon Station in the west via Mitcham Junction Station to Croydon itself, then continues towards the east, splitting off into branches that terminate at Beckenham Junction Station (Route 2), Elmers End Station (Routes 1 and 4), and New Addington Tram Stop (Route 3). Most of the route is bi-directional, but there's a one-way loop in central Croydon.

Route 3 is the longest route on the network, linking Wimbledon in the west to New Addington in the east. Neither Route 1 nor Route 2 goes any further west than the central one-way loop. Route 4 is the newest route on the network; it came into operation on 25 June 2012.

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