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How to get started? It depends on what you want to do!

"I don't understand what your website's for. Show me what it does, please?"

See the Guided Tour.

"There's a mistake on one of your pages. How can I fix it?"

If it's just a typo, feel free to go ahead and correct it.

If it's something factual, then unless you're a regular contributor the best thing to do is leave a comment explaining who you are, what we have wrong, and why you know it's wrong.

"My favourite pub/restaurant/cafe/whatever is missing from your site. How can I add it?"

New places are constantly being added by our regular contributors, but we only add places we've actually been to. If you'd like to suggest somewhere new, please see Contact RGL for how to get in touch, though we can't guarantee we'll get around to it soon since we all have long to-do lists already!

"How do I make myself a userpage, like Kake or Bob or Billy?"

Just create a new page as described above. Make the name of the page be your name or nickname (preferably the one you put in the "username" box when you're editing other pages on the site, since that makes it easy to connect your edits up to your page). You can put pretty much whatever you like on your userpage. We thoroughly encourage you to add a silly photo of yourself.

(Userpages which exist purely for the purpose of advertising will be deleted. It's absolutely fine to mention your interests, commercial or otherwise, but if you don't contribute to the site, then you don't need to have a userpage here.)

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