Easy Ways To Contribute

Here are a few ideas for easy ways to contribute to the guide. You know, if you're bored at work or whatever. Some of these things only take a couple of minutes.

You don't have to be an expert

Really. You don't have to know a lot about London in order to add something. Even a note like "the Sunday roast here is really good!" added to a pub page, or "there's a secure place to park your bike round the side" added to a restaurant page, or "if it's rush hour, go to the left-hand side of the platform; it's less crowded there" added to a Tube station page, is useful information — and even though these little things are very helpful, they're the sort of thing that never gets mentioned by mainstream guides.

Another thing that's useful is adding or updating the "last visited by..." note, if this note is missing from a given page (or the date is a very long time ago), and you've visited the place recently and can confirm that the info given on the guide is still accurate. See House Style Guidelines for more about "last visited" notes.

Find some good links, and add them

Many of the Good Beer Guide pubs only have stub entries; we put them in like that so they'd show up on a location search. If you've got a couple of minutes free, go and pick one, and if it's not got a full writeup, see if you can find some interesting reviews of it on the interweb, and link to them.

Many of the Tube and DLR stations are also stub pages, for the same reason. We'd like to have all those pages link to the corresponding Wikipedia entry, but we couldn't do that automagically since the URLs aren't entirely predictable (some of them mention Tube in the URL, some mention rail). Something quick you can do is pick a page in one of those categories, and add the Wikipedia link if it's not there already.

Add some suitably-licensed photos from Flickr

Lots and lots of lovely photographers have put up and tagged photos of London things on Flickr, and many of these are under a Creative Commons licence that allows re-use in other places. You can use the following link to find pages that don't have a photo at the moment:

and then have a look at Using Photos From Flickr for step-by-step instructions on how to search Flickr for a suitable image and add it to the guide.

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