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How to get started? It depends on what you want to do!

"I don't understand what your website's for. Show me what it does, please?"

See the Guided Tour.

"There's a mistake on one of your pages. How can I fix it?"

Click the "Edit this page" link just below the title of the page. This will take you to a form where you can edit the information on the page. The main information is in the "Content" box, while other information such as categories, address, opening hours, etc, are in separate boxes lower down. If you get confused, don't panic; just add your comment or correction to the bottom of the Content box, and if that's not the right place for it then someone will come along later and put it right for you. Nobody's going to shout at you for doing something wrong!

We prefer it if, every time you edit a page, you also leave your name and a brief comment about the changes you made — the boxes for this information are at the very top of the editing form — but it isn't absolutely necessary, it just makes it easier for regular visitors to keep track of what's new on the site.

"My favourite pub/restaurant/cafe/whatever is missing from your site. How can I add it?"

If it's not already here, then you need to create a new page for it. Click "Create new page" in the navigation bar on the right-hand side of the page. This will give you a little box where you can type the name of the new page. Pages about pubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc, are usually named after the place itself, with the addition of its postcode (since, for example, there are loads of pubs called the Red Lion, or cafes called things like Corner Cafe). If you don't already know the postcode, Yell.co.uk is a fairly reliable way of finding it out, but if that doesn't help then don't worry — just create the page with as descriptive a name as possible (e.g. "Corner Cafe, Bermondsey"), and someone else will sort it all out for you later.

Once you've entered the name of the new page, you'll be taken to an editing form as described in the previous section. You can fill in as many or as few of these boxes as you like; the only mandatory one is the Content box. If you're not sure what to put in which box, then you can always just put everything in the Content box, and, again, someone else will sort it out later.

Again, we'd prefer it if you left your name or nickname in the "username" box at the bottom of the page, just so we know who's using the site!

"How do I make myself a userpage, like Kake or Bob or Billy?"

Just create a new page as described above. Make the name of the page be your name or nickname (preferably the one you put in the "username" box when you're editing other pages on the site, since that makes it easy to connect your edits up to your page). You can put pretty much whatever you like on your userpage. We thoroughly encourage you to add a silly photo of yourself.

(Userpages which exist purely for the purpose of advertising will be deleted. It's absolutely fine to mention your interests, commercial or otherwise, but if you don't contribute to the site, then you don't need to have a userpage here.)

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