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Chinese restaurant near the west end of Gerrard Street in Chinatown, does decent enough dim sum (noon-5pm Mon-Sat and 11am-5pm Sun).

Kake and Nick visited as part of a large group on a Thursday lunchtime in April 2008. They managed to find a big enough table to seat us all (about a dozen or so) on a raised area at the back of their first-floor dining room (there's seating on the ground floor too). We found a lazy susan (revolving thing that sits in the middle of the table to make it easier to share dishes) stashed behind the table and they were happy to put it on for us.

Service wasn't great; we had to call them over several times to get them to take our order and to have our tea refilled, and they also failed to bring one of the mango puddings we ordered at the end (though it didn't appear on the bill).

Food was generally fine, though. Kake particularly liked the tripe with ginger, and the egg tarts (very light pastry, and the filling was balanced just right in terms of both taste and texture). We ended up paying £10/head.

Kake's verdict: We'll probably return at some point, as we go out for dim sum quite regularly. Certainly wouldn't dissuade anyone from coming here, at least for dim sum.

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Last visited by Kake, Nick, and other Perlmongers, 3 April 2008. Dim sum times taken from menu outside, February 2008.
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