Index of Category Cafes and Locale Fitzrovia (view on a map)

Category: Locale:
  1. Anwars, W1T 5DP
  2. Benito's Hat, W1T 4NB
  3. Carluccio's, W1W 8AG
  4. Eat, W1T 4TN
  5. Ethos, W1W 8DX
  6. Fratelli Deli Cafe, W1W 8BB
  7. H.T. Harris, W1W 7PG
  8. Indian YMCA, W1T 6AQ
  9. Ishta's Cafe, W1T 4JH
  10. Italiano Coffee Company, W1T 4LU
  11. Kaffeine, W1W 7QJ
  12. Kin, W1W 6DT
  13. Lantana, W1T 1SN
  14. Riding House Cafe, W1W 7PQ
  15. Salumeria Dino, W1T 1SP
  16. Scandinavian Kitchen, W1W 7PP
  17. Villandry, W1W 5QB

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