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Salumeria Dino, W1T 1SP

A great delicatessen and sandwich shop just off Goodge Street, which is also signed outside the shop as "Dino's Italian Delicatessen".

There may be a glut of sandwich shops in Fitzrovia, but Dino's is undoubtedly one of the best, and it's probably no coincidence that in this rarefied field, the family-run Italian places are the best (see also H.T. Harris). Service is very friendly and, most noticeably, not the least frenetic, despite the long queues regularly snaking into this shop.

Sandwiches are made at a counter just inside the front door. The place isn't very large, and there's only a short bench area and some outdoor tables for eating, so the focus is on takeaways. There's a sandwich menu which covers all the basics, though as with most shops, the ingredients are all displayed under the counter, including some very tasty looking roast vegetables, sundried tomatoes, various hams and cheeses, and salad ingredients. In addition, there are also decent sized arancini (deep-fried risotto balls), both meaty and vegetarian, and stuffed aubergine (stuffed with cheese, that is).

Sandwiches are made in foccaccia or ciabatta as standard, and the prices are reasonable (stuffed aubergine with mushrooms in a foccaccia was £3.95). Above all, the food is excellent quality and tasty. The vegetarian arancini di riso with a selection of salad (there were three available, one with tuna, which they were happy to mix and match) came to £4.70, and although the salad itself was a little disappointing, the arancini was fantastic.

As well as the sandwiches and pastas, there's also a huge amount of quality deli items lining all the available space in the shop, with a full San Pellegrino range, as well as all kinds of biscuits, spreads and the like.

Accessibility: One step up to get in.

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