Sitar, SE12 0DU

  • 350 Baring Road

Note: Sitar is no longer in existence; it closed some time in mid 2008, and the premises has been refurbished under new management as a "Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian restaurant" named Kamana.

Note to the management of Kamana: OK, you've convinced us to come and review you. Please be patient - commenting on this page won't make it happen any sooner.

An Indian restaurant in the parade of shops opposite Grove Park Station.

The choice available is fairly standard, but the menu lists only the names of the dishes, without description, so you need to know what you wish to order. It seems quite lightly patronised - often at 7:30pm on a Saturday it is empty, and even by 9pm the most I have seen is four couples eating in.

The service is at minimum acceptable, but we spotted that it varies quite a lot depending on the waiter - some have figured out how to place and remove dishes efficiently, others just reach across; some are positioned discreetly and their attention is easy to catch, others seem to defy even the most blatant stare.

Last visited by Nick, May 2008.
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