Picture of Renaissance Rooms, SW8 1RZ

Renaissance Rooms, SW8 1RZ

A nightclub/roller disco/corporate event venue in Vauxhall.

Its website claims that its two rooms have a 16,000 square foot/2,270-person capacity. Of note is that the venue caters specifically for rollerskates: the wooden floors make a great skating surface, and there is a roller disco several times a week.

Cloakroom charges £1.50 per item; the bar serves everything from soft drinks (Red Bull is £3 per can) to champagne. Juliet and doop attended the "Skate bitch" night on a Wednesday in May 2008: admission included the price of skates, which you can hire from a booth next to the cloakroom. Protective kneepads are also available. The atmosphere was very friendly: it wasn't too crowded, there were some very clearly talented skaters there, yet there was none of the terrifying speedskating you see at ice-rinks, and there were several marshals in fluoro jackets skating around to make sure everything ran smoothly, who were clearly also having great fun.

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Last visited by doop and Juliet, May 2008.
OS X co-ord: 530174 OS Y co-ord: 177597 (Latitude: 51.482357 Longitude: -0.126709)
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