Picture of New Loon Moon Supermarket, W1D 5PP

New Loon Moon Supermarket, W1D 5PP

Southeast Asian supermarket on Gerrard Street in Chinatown.

They don't focus solely on Chinese food, but aim for good coverage of Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Filipino products too. As of July 2010, the Japanese and Korean products are mostly upstairs, while the Thai stuff lives on the ground floor. Chinese ingredients appear to be on both floors. Fresh vegetables are also on the ground floor, through the left-hand entrance — some of them are displayed out on the street too. Frozen items and a small selection of kitchenware are on the lower ground floor (through the right-hand entrance and down a few steps at the back).

On a brief visit in March 2010, Kake noted that the stock included century eggs and Sichuan Gao Fu Ji brand chilli bean paste (i.e. not the ubiquitous Lee Kum Kee brand). In July 2010, I found dried tea tree mushrooms (茶樹菇/chá shù gū) on the first floor.

According to a comment on Chowhound, they sometimes (but not always) have Sichuan facing heaven chillies in stock. According to another Chowhound comment, they also stock kaffir limes and pandan leaves, and according to yet another Chowhound comment they sell candlenuts.

Accessibility: Three steps up to get in, and much of the stock is up more stairs. The aisles are very narrow.

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Last visited by Kake, July 2010.
OS X co-ord: 529798 OS Y co-ord: 180886 (Latitude: 51.512001 Longitude: -0.130912)
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