Coughlans Bakery, SM6 0LY

A sandwich and baked goods shop in Wallington, part of a small chain based in Croydon.

secretlondon went there one lunchtime in November 2016. On the left there is a long counter with decorated cakes and other baked goods. It also has some pre-made sandwiches. It sells bread, including some interesting varieties, and made-to-order sandwiches. On the right there is an area with tables and chairs to eat in, and some sofas.

I had a toasted American rye bread sandwich which came as part of a 'meal deal'. This was a sandwich, any cold drink and either a jam doughnut or a bread pudding. It came to about £6, including extra (probably just VAT) for eating in. The food was nice and I particularly liked the bread pudding. They sell coffee and it seemed quite a popular place to eat lunch, although an older crowd not office workers.

On another visit I bought a large sourdough loaf for £2.20.

I don't think there's a toilet, but I didn't check.

Last visited by secretlondon, November 2016.
OS X co-ord: 528915 OS Y co-ord: 163859 (Latitude: 51.359180 Longitude: -0.149846)
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