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Bongo East, IG11 8RW

  • 46 Longbridge Road

Bongo East was a Ghanaian restaurant and bar in Barking. It has now closed. As of mid-2015 the premises are occupied by a Bulgarian cafe called BG Zakuska.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Ghanaian restaurant and bar in Barking.

It's fairly small, seating around 40 people. The decor is simple but well thought out, with terracotta tile-style flooring, colourful art prints on the otherwise-plain walls, and recessed spotlighting in the ceiling. Two large mirrors face each other across the width of the restaurant, adding an increased feel of spaciousness. Full-length windows at the front let in the light during the day, with half-frosting for privacy.

Kake visited on a Tuesday evening in February 2014. There were no other customers when I arrived around 6pm, and this remained the case during my visit. The TV was showing sports news with the sound on, fairly loud. The lighting was quite dim.

I went for fufu with soup and meat (£8), and was offered the option of having my fufu served in the soup or on the side. Fufu is eaten by pulling off a small piece with one's fingers and dipping it in the accompanying soup/stew, and so a bowl of warm water was brought to the table for me to wash my hands. It was all tasty enough, with a good level of spiciness in the soup. The meat itself was a mixture of muscle meat and tendon, giving a good contrast of textures.

According to the menu as of February 2014, they serve halal food.

Kake's verdict: I'd visit again if I was in the area. I'd like to try their kelewele (spiced fried plantain).

Accessibility: There's a step to get in; some attempt has been made to get around this with a sort of sideways ramp, but this is a bit awkward too, particularly if there's nobody to hold the door for you. Once you're in, it's step-free to the toilet (a single unisex cubicle). There's a reasonable amount of space between the tables, and a wide aisle in the middle.

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