Bombay By Night, TW12 2BJ

  • 87-89 Station Road

Bombay By Night was a nice little curry house in the centre of Hampton, near the railway station. It has now closed. As of September 2011, the site is occupied by a Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant called Ruchi.

The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

Nice little curry house in the centre of Hampton, near the railway station.

DrHyde visited as part of a group of eight early one Sunday evening in autumn 2010. For just under a hundred quid we all ate well, including some alcoholic drinks. It's hard to tell what the atmosphere and service is like on a normal night, because at the time we were the only customers, but it was pleasant. Service was perhaps a little obtrusive, but that's partly because we'd tucked ourselves away in a rather inaccessible corner which was hard for the staff to get to without disturbing us.

The food is very much in the "curry house" segment of the market, as opposed to the "restaurant" segment, with a very large selection of dishes most of which are simple variations on a few themes, instead of having a small selection of very distinctive dishes. This isn't a criticism, of course — at this price, I wouldn't expect what I get at places like Quilon or Mint Leaf — and what they do they do well, and there are a couple of unusual dishes, such as deep-fried cassava "chips" which were very nice indeed.

DrHyde's verdict: Definitely one to keep in mind if you're in the area, but not, as some of the more ridiculous online comments say, worth driving 100 miles for.

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Last visited by DrHyde, autumn 2010.
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