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A pleasant pub at the top of the hill overlooking the park at Crystal Palace.

This large building is at a busy traffic intersection opposite Crystal Palace Park and its neighbouring bus station. There's plenty of seating out the front of the pub as can be seen in the photo, which is always popular during the summer.

Inside, there are tables in the middle of the room, as well as in a section at one side of the pub where shelves heave with hundreds of second-hand books. There is also lots of couch seating around the edges under the windows (couches are all rather distressed leather ones, as is the common style for this kind of place).

There are three handpulls on the bar, though on our February 2009 visit only Young's ordinary was on (the other clips, turned around, advertised Bombardier and Old Rosie). They also have lagers including Staropramen and Leffe. Bar staff are young but seem perfectly friendly.

Food is offered, including a Sunday special of three courses for £10.

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Last visited by Ewan and Jo, 15 February 2009. Opening hours taken from website, February 2009.

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