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Valentine, IG2 6BX

  • 27 Perth Road

The Valentine was an enormous pub near Gants Hill Station. It closed down in February 2017.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Enormous pub near Gants Hill Station, and I mean really enormous. The sofa area alone - twelve spacious and comfortable two-seaters — is bigger than many pubs, and there are at least three other areas of similar size.

No real ale. John Smiths was £1.10/half and Strongbow was £1.45/half.

Kake and friend visited on a Friday lunchtime; it was pretty much empty and most of the handful of customers were in for food. The bar staff seemed slightly nervous for some reason.

We tried the burgers — £5.75 each, including chips, with a choice of beef, chicken, or spicy bean burgers. The chips were OK, nothing special, and the spicy bean burger was a pre-made breadcrumbed thing. It was all competently prepared, though.

Other menu options include sandwiches, which are priced between £4.05 (e.g. tuna mayo) and £5.40 (steak and onion). Main courses are based around the usual pub staples. Notably, they have a "two main courses for £9" deal, which apparently applies even to the barbecue chicken melt, which is normally £9.55. The cheapest main is sausages and mash (£7.05) and the most expensive is rack of ribs (£10.55, and the only exclusion from the £9 deal).

Karaoke on Wednesdays, and live bands on Saturdays — apparently gets packed out both nights.

Kake's verdict: I don't think I'd like it here in the evening, and it doesn't really feel like a pub for people who like pubs, but if you have to be in the area anyway then it seems a good enough meeting point. Shame about the lack of interesting drinks, but I think they serve tea and coffee, and the sofas were great, so it might be a decent place to kill some time if for some reason you have some to kill in Gants Hill.

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Last visited by Kake, February 2008. Prices determined on that visit.
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