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Unpackaged, E8 3NJ

Unpackaged was a grocery store in Hackney that aimed to cut down on the amount of packaging used. It closed in January 2014; according to their blog this is because their premises were too large for their needs, and they do intend to reopen again in some form.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

A grocery store in Hackney that aims to cut down on the amount of packaging used.

Previously located in a former dairy shop in Finsbury photo, it moved to Hackney in December 2012. We haven't yet visited the new location.

The old shop was small, mostly confined to a single room, but with a few other items in a small room to the side. It largely sold delicatessen type items, though the centre of the shop was devoted to bulk foods, for which customers were requested to bring their own bags and weigh them (you can buy bags for re-use if you need to, though). There was a small selection of decent organic wines available as well. An anonymous visitor to this site in August 2009 also noted that they sold "the raw materials to make your own detergents and soaps and things to clean with".

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Last visited by Ewan, at the old location, around mid-2009.
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