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summary='Thai restaurant near Oxford Street, previously in Covent Garden.'
summary='Thai restaurant near Covent Garden.'

Thai restaurant near Oxford Street, part of the same group as Patara.

It was previously located in Covent Garden, but moved to Berners Street in early 2018. We haven't visited since the move, so some of the details below may be out of date.

Adam visited the old location on a Wednesday evening in December 2016; it was busy but not so busy that reservations were required.

The menu is pretty extensive, but we were looking at the specifically vegetarian section, which provided a decent amount of choice. The starter of spicy tofu rolls (£6.25) was surprisingly refreshing, with interesting herb flavour. The tofu & courgette panang (£10.50) was particularly good - large slabs of well-flavoured tofu and not-overcooked courgette in a sauce that managed to be fragrant without being over-pungent, helped by garnish of shreds of Thai basil. The sticky rice (£3.50) was acceptably sticky but otherwise unremarkable, and provided a good vehicle for enjoying the sauce. Dining companion enjoyed the tofu pad thai (£10.50).

Dessert-wise, there's a small menu, much of which looked interesting; we shared a dish of taro cubes in a coconut-cream sauce (£6), which turned out to be delicately flavoured enough that the subtle flavour of the taro came through as well as the coconut.

Water (still or sparkling) was £1 per person.

Service was a little (but not unacceptably) slow, probably reflecting the busy state of the place.

Adam's verdict: Definitely intending to return, though possibly at a quieter time.

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Last visited by Adam, December 2016 (at the old location). Opening hours taken from the Suda website, March 2018.

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