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* [http://www.welovelocal.com/en/london/camden/covent-garden/take-away/scotts-sandwich-bar-wc2n4lh.html We Love Local comments]
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Small sandwich shop/cafe in Covent Garden, on the corner of New Row and Bedfordbury.

Kake visited in June 2008 for a takeaway salt beef sandwich (£5.90). It was after 2pm, so the lunchtime peak had passed and I didn't have to wait; there were even some tables free. Although the sandwich wasn't huge, it was very generously filled with decent, warm, juicy salt beef. Bread was fine. I'd have preferred a little more mustard, but that's just personal taste. It comes with an enormous gherkin. Although this isn't cheap, I thought it was worth it.

Some seating space inside, maybe for about 15 people? Didn't properly check.

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Last visited by Kake, 18 June 2008.

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