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  • 020 7701 6004
  • 22 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QU
  • Mon-Sun 12-2.30, 6pm-11.45

Indian restaurant/takeaway on Camberwell Church Street in Camberwell.

Online ordering from Just Eat and Hungry House and Urban Bite.

They are licensed to deliver alcohol if you spend more than £15. The minimum order for delivery from Just Eat is £15.

secretlondon ordered through Just Eat one Saturday night. The restaurant lost my flat number (it is in my Just Eat profile) and had a go at me for not giving a full address. Thankfully they rang me but -1 for customer service.

I ordered Fish Amritsai (£3.95), Safa Platter (£8.50), Paneer Kofta (£2.95) and Mango and Lime ice cream (£2.75). The platter is described as "tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, lamb chop and salmon tikka, served with a naan bread". I got tandoori chicken, kebab, salmon tikka and chicken tikka with a naan bread, mint sauce and a small salad. Apart from the missing lamb chop it was fine.

The fish amritsai wasn't as exciting as it sounded. I couldn't taste the aniseed.

The ice cream was described as " Smooth and creamy, this ice cream is best eaten with a large spoon". It didn't state a size and was only 100ml. You'd struggle to get a large spoon in there

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