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Pub in Twickenham.

Note: although the Rifleman is in the 2011 Good Beer Guide, there was a change of management in early 2011, and so its Good Beer Guide entry doesn't necessarily reflect the situation under the new management.

Inside, the floorboards and ceiling beams are exposed, with pewter and ceramic tankards hanging from the latter. A dado rail runs low around the walls, with dark green fleur-de-lis embossed wallpaper below and pale cream above, and the walls are also adorned with large mirrors, framed illustrations of historical riflemen, and a collection of corkscrews. A replica musket hangs incongruously beneath a flatscreen.

A number of the tables are topped with small blue mosaic tiles, and a leopardskin-shaded standard lamp stands against one wall. To one side of the bar, two small sofas face each other across a coffee table complete with actual coffee table books on subjects such as Dali and The Beatles. The care that has been taken with the decor continues through to the ladies', with individual hand towels and bowls of potpourri photo.

Kake visited on a Thursday evening in May 2011, following the change of management. There were three real ales on: Twickenham Grandstand (£1.80/half), Young's Bitter, and Courage Best.

There was only one other customer in when I got there, but a couple more (who appeared to be regulars) arrived around 6pm. Music was playing, but very quietly.

Signs seen in May 2011 advertised a quiz on Monday nights (£1 entry per player) and ladies' darts on Tuesdays from 7pm.

Accessibility: Steps up to get in at both entrances.

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Last visited by Kake, May 2011.

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