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Latin American cafe in South Tottenham, very close to Seven Sisters Station.

Entry is into a conservatory-style space built as a sort of lean-to; at the back of this are the service counter and small open kitchen. The menu changes daily, and there's also a display of sweet pastries and empanadas (filled savoury pastries) at the counter.

The space seats around 50 on a combination of padded folding chairs and padded backless benches arranged on either side of plain wooden tables. The floor is painted a cheerful yellow, and the bench coverings alternate between red and blue; further colour is provided by baskets of artificial flowers hanging along the front windows.

Kake visited on a Thursday morning in August 2018. There were three or four other customers when I arrived a little before 11am, and others came and went while I was there. Music was playing, not too loud. It was a warm day, and they'd opened the front windows up to let the breeze in.

A chicken empanada and a 300ml bottle of Columbiana soft drink photo came to £3.50. The empanada was fine, filled with decent enough pulled chicken, a few pieces of soft potato, and a hint of chilli, though overall the filling was a touch too sweet for me.

Accessibility: No steps to get in. The toilet is in the adjacent market (ask at the service counter for a key fob). This doesn't require going outdoors or negotiating any steps, but access is a little narrow.

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Last visited by Kake, August 2018. Opening hours taken from the Pueblito Paisa Cafe Facebook page, August 2018.

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