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The Oakdale was a pub in [[Locale Harringay|Harringay]]. It [http://www.tottenhamjournal.co.uk/news/developers_call_time_on_popular_harringay_pub_1_783552 closed for good] in March 2011.
Pub in [[Locale Harringay|Harringay]]. Was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide, but not the 2008 edition.
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The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

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Pub in [[Locale Harringay|Harringay]]. It was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide, but not the 2008 edition.

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* [http://www.upnorthlondon.com/?p=7 Up North London review]
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hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-10:30pm Sun'
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summary='Now closed; was a pub in Harringay.'
opening_hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-10:30pm Sun'
phone='020 8800 2013'
postcode='N4 1NP'
summary='Pub in Harringay.'

Pub in Harringay. Was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide, but not the 2008 edition.

Very much into their real ale, and their single malts; they also usually have real cider. On a March 2008 visit, there were four Milton brews and one guest beer on tap; when the guest beer ran out it was replaced with another as soon as the line was cleaned. In June 2008, Old Rosie was £1.30/half and Stowford Press was £2.20/pint.

Whilst the quality of the beer is as good as its sister pub, the Pembury Tavern, the atmosphere is quite different, being far more of a locals' pub, laid out with seats (including a couple of armchairs) and standing areas for drinking, rather than tables for eating at.

Unlike the Pembury Tavern, the Oakdale Arms has a licence for music, so has a jukebox and a video projector, which on Nick's March 2008 visit was showing ITV1 (with sound) and on Kake's June 2008 visit was showing football. Nick has been told that a Wii is often also plugged into this, but hasn't seen it first hand. They do have a jukebox, and when Rob the manager (or is he still the assistant manager?) (who is a character in himself) is behind the bar it may well be playing rock/metal.

They don't do food, and on a June 2008 visit Kake got the impression that there are no plans to change this. "Authentic Black Country" pork scratchings were £1. In July 2007, a staff member mentioned in the BITE comments linked below that they're happy for you to bring in takeaways.

They have set up a sheltered area in the beer garden for smokers, following the ban, and there are also some bench/table things out the front. Free wireless; the network's named after the pub, and there's no password.

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Last visited by Kake, 10 June 2008. Free wireless verified to be working on that visit. Food and smoking area details taken from BITE posting by staff member, 14 July 2007. Opening hours taken from the 2007 Good Beer Guide and confirmed from advert in the June/July 2008 edition of the London Drinker.

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