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category='Breakfast,Cafes,Greasy Spoons,Takeaway'
category='Breakfast,Cafes,Greasy Spoon,Takeaway'

Cafe on Camberwell Road between Camberwell and Walworth. It is just north of Burgess Park.

secretlondon visited in September 2008 and had one of the set breakfasts for £5. She got bacon, sausage, chips, egg, mushrooms, baked beans, two slices of toast and a cup of coffee photo photo. She also had a large latte for £1.50 afterwards photo.

The food was fine but the toast came after the breakfast had arrived.

There was a television on the wall with showing ITV2.

They do breakfast all day and meals as well as sandwiches and takeaway food.

Accessibility: There is no step to get in, but the toilet is up and down some stairs.

Last visited by secretlondon, 7 September 2008.

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