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Hix Oyster And Chop House was a restaurant near [[Farringdon Station]]. It [https://www.bighospitality.co.uk/Article/2020/07/06/Mark-Hix-to-open-new-restaurant-on-former-HIX-Oyster-Fish-House-site-in-Lyme-Regis closed down] in mid-2020 along with Mark Hix's other restaurants.
Restaurant near [[Farringdon Station]], serving hearty British fare.
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Restaurant near [[Farringdon Station]], serving hearty British fare.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]] and friend, February 2010.</div>
address='36-37 Greenhill Rents, Cowcross Street, EC1M 6BN'
category='Featured Article,Now Closed'
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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]] and friend, February 2010. Opening hours taken from the Hix website, October 2018.</div>
address='36-37 Greenhill Rents, Cowcross Street'
category='British Food,Featured Article,Restaurants'
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: noon-11pm; Sun: noon-10pm'
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summary='Now closed; was a British restaurant in Farringdon.'
website='' website='https://www.hixrestaurants.co.uk/restaurant/hix-oyster-chop-house/'
opening_hours_text='Mon-Sat: noon-11pm; Sun: noon-10pm'
phone='020 7017 1930'
postcode='EC1M 6BN'
website='' summary='Hearty British fare in old Farringdon.'

Restaurant near Farringdon Station, serving hearty British fare.

Ewan visited with a friend for Friday lunchtime in February 2010, and even though they'd misplaced our booking, we were still able to get a seat at the bar, as they keep these unreserved, it seems.

Starters of wild rabbit in salsify (£10.50) photo and Gladys May duck's egg in mayonnaise (£10.50) photo were both excellent, the former served with kidneys and generous amounts of perfectly-cooked meat, and the latter a rather rich and overwhelming experience close-up photo.

Mains were both excellent also, with my friend's beef flank & oyster pie (£16) photo served with an oyster on top (as well as more inside), and getting warm praise, while my whole roast redleg partridge (£19.50) photo was also nicely presented with some fantastic creamed sprouts.

Desserts to finish off were a tasty ice cream (£2/scoop, with a range of ice cream and sorbet flavours available) photo, and a superlative Welsh rabbit (£6.25) photo with a hefty mustardy tang and some lovely cheese. Our accompanying wine, a cabernet sauvignon, was also excellent, despite being from the cheaper reaches of the wine list.

An earlier visit was made by her welshness and husband in August 2008. Having arrived early for our 7pm booking, we were told that we could eat early — bonus for us and bonus for them!

To start with, I ordered three Linton oysters (£1.50 per oyster) which, with red wine vinegar and shallot sauce, were fresh and sweet. Husband had the pork crackling, which was very nice. Our steaming bread with butter had arrived with our starters, and there seemed to be a strange taste to the Cornish butter (apparently one of their customers the week before had said that it was off) but the bread was tasty and soft.

For main dishes, I selected the hanger steak with bone marrow and my husband ordered the mixed grill. The hanger steak (medium rare) was wonderful, it had been carved through 3-4 times so it was not a chore to hack away at it. It melted in the mouth, especially when married up with the Béarnaise sauce. The bone marrow had been scooped out and mixed with breadcrumbs and rosemary and then redistributed along the bone and grilled. Very rich, but very good, and accompanied with fantastic bubble and squeak (in which my husband swears there was not enough potato). Probably the best meal that I have had. The mixed grill was cleverly arranged all onto one metal prong (kidney, pork, beef and chicken), accompanied by country beans. I tried some of the pork — it was incredibly succulent and soft. The accompanying bottle of rioja was vibrant and rich.

her welshness' verdict: I'd definitely go back — the service was efficient and friendly, and the food was excellent and well-priced at around £40 per head for two courses and a bottle of wine. It's interesting that the meat is not sourced at Smithfield Market — but apparently Mark Hix has a network of suppliers where he gets his produce from.

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Last visited by Ewan and friend, February 2010. Opening hours taken from the Hix website, October 2018.

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