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<b>How do I change a page name? For example, if I made a page with an initial "The" before I realised that the house style is to omit this?</b>

[[Kake]] to do it. You can get in touch as explained in [[Contact RGL]], but chances are that she'll notice and fix it even if you don't get in touch.
<b>How do I change a page name?</b>
I've realised your style seems to be to omit any initial "The" in page names. So how I remove the The in the [[The Falcon, SW11 1RU]] page name? --[[Rowley Birkin QC]]
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If you have a question, ask it here and we'll get back to you. If you can't wait, you could get in touch with us some other way (see Contact RGL), or look through the other pages in Category Meta to see if anything there answers your question. ("Meta" is geek-speak for "things about things", hence, Category Meta holds pages about RGL itself.)

Is it OK to add links to other websites?

Yes! Go for it. As long as the information you're linking to is useful, reasonably up to date, and relevant to the page you're linking it from. (If the other website doesn't add any information that we don't already have, there's not much point linking to it. If the only additional information it has is a link to another website, for example, then just link to that website directly.)

What about if the other websites are also in the OpenGuides network?

Makes no difference; same policy as above.

How should I quote food/beer/etc prices?

Quote beer prices to the exact penny. Quote food prices to the penny too, unless they're £n.95, in which case round up to the nearest pound. Thus, a burger costing £5.55 gets quoted at £5.55, while one costing £5.95 gets quoted at £6. If quoting prices, make sure to note down the date on which you determined the price, so people reading your review in a couple of years' time can allow for inflation.

How do I change a page name? I've realised your style seems to be to omit any initial "The" in page names. So how I remove the The in the The Falcon, SW11 1RU page name? --Rowley Birkin QC

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