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Comment added by DaviesG: Just went last week. Still holds true in 2012 as it did in 2008.
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An outpost of the Cowling & Wilcox chain, in Camberwell, handy for local art students at the Camberwell College of Art (thought it is actually quite some way from the College and is near Butterfly Walk, off Denmark Hill). They have other outposts in Soho (the original, on Broadwick Street) and on Shoreditch High Street.

The Camberwell branch is laid out in a large warehouse-like room, with high ceilings and a bright, airy and accessible feel. Shop staff were extremely helpful and friendly, especially to one as lacking in art knowledge as Ewan.

Last visited by Ewan, February 2008. Opening times taken from website.

Comment added by Anonymous: Wonderful shop,portfolios, dyes, the odd bargin & birthday cards too.

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