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A very good second-hand bookshop on Charing Cross Road, with "Rare books, first editions, modern literature, art, poetry, scholarly/academic books, antiquarian, leather bound sets, general stock." They keep a couple of trays of discount books (all at £1 apiece, as of April 2008) outside, and some extremely good bargains are found in there from time to time.

They seem to be pretty good for SF & fantasy, too; though the SF/fantasy section is tucked away high up on shelves behind the door, so not incredibly accessible.

About half of the stock is downstairs; if you want to browse down there, you'll need to leave your bag behind the counter.

Unless you're after rare (i.e. expensive) books, this isn't really the kind of bookshop you come to knowing what you want; it's the kind of bookshop where you find books that you didn't previously know you wanted.

Last visited by Kake, 3 April 2008. Opening hours taken from the Any Amount Of Books website, April 2008.

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