Picture of Wing's Buffet, E14 6JJ

Wing's Buffet, E14 6JJ

  • 6-8 East India Dock Road, E14 6JJ (streetmap)

Wing's Buffet was an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet near Westferry DLR in Poplar. According to Google Street View, it closed down by April 2017 and was replaced by a Chinese restaurant called New Beijing.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Decent all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet near Westferry DLR in Poplar.

It changed hands in 2012; some of the information below may therefore be out of date.

They proudly proclaim in large letters across the window that they don't use any MSG in their food.

The buffet prices vary; it's more expensive in the evenings and at weekends, but cheaper prices are charged for children under the height of 140cm. The AYCE offer includes desserts. There is notionally a surcharge for overfilling takeaway containers, but the criterion seems to be "if you can get the lid on it's not overfull".

As of June 2013 the lunchtime prices are £5 for takeaway, £8 for adults, and £5 for children.

Bradders's verdict (prior to the 2012 change of management): I've very regularly used Wing's as a takeaway, and also dined in several times. The food is invariably excellent, with the cashew nut chicken being particularly notable. I've taken several serious foodies into here; they may raise their eyebrows on the way in at the rather greasy-spoon ambience, but one mouthful and they've all become instant converts!

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