Wagamama, E14 5NY

Canteen-style noodle place in Canary Wharf, part of a chain. They also do takeaway - if you want takeaway, go up the left-hand staircase (as you're facing the restaurant from outside) and if you want eat-in, go up the right-hand staircase.

Leon visited in May 2008 and reckons it is one of the worst Wagamamas in London - completely overcrowded with terrible service. The food was not fresh and particularly tasteless. On the other hand, doop comes here pretty frequently, and thinks the food and service are pretty much the same as any other Wagamama - though it's a bad idea to go there after about 9pm or so because they start clearing up and the service gets very slow. It does get crowded at lunchtimes, but no worse than anywhere else in Canary Wharf.

Getting here: Coming from Canary Wharf Tube Station, just before the final escalator leading up and out of the station, go through the glass doors on the left hand side of the ticket hall. Go ahead and follow it all round and eventually you'll find yourself in an open area with Itsu, Paul, etc. At the far end of this is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and Wagamama is above that.

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Regularly visited by doop, at least as of August 2008. Opening hours taken from the Wagamama website, June 2008.
OS X co-ord: 537645 OS Y co-ord: 180196 (Latitude: 51.503942 Longitude: -0.018197)
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