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Selfridges Food Hall

Food hall in what is arguably Oxford Street's most famous department store. The outside entrance to the Food Hall is at the western end of the building on Orchard Street, though it can be reached internally. The alcohol section is down some stairs to the south of the food hall area.

Reasonable range of interesting bottled beers, fresh fruit and vegetables, nice things in jars (the import stuff is somewhat expensive), ready-made food from lots of different cuisines, a huge range of olives by weight, etc. There's a kosher section, an oyster bar, and a fresh fish counter (which was run by Atari-Ya until 23 September 2007, but then changed hands).

It also contains a branch of Yo Sushi, a branch of Eat and a branch of Square Pie.

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Last visited by Ewan, 25 June 2008. Opening hours taken from Selfridges website, March 2008.

Comment added by Ash: I went to Square Pie in the Foodhall on Thursday 2nd October at about 7.15pm

When I first arrived there hungry I was a little disappointed to find only 3 pies remaining. Seeing my disapointment the girl told me that they had more coming out in 5 minutes, so I walked around, and then returned to enjoy a Steak and Kidney pie (£4.50) which was excellent and some low quality mash. They don't bother to peel the potatoes, or, it seemed add any butter or seasoning (that they have the cheek to charge £1.95 for). The result was a delicious pie, and a mostly left portion of mash, although the mash did seem to taste better when mixed with the gravy(free). Maybe earlier in the day it is better, but the pie was good so I'll return, probably just for pie though.

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