Picture of Mexicali, W1F 8RG

Mexicali, W1F 8RG

  • 26 Berwick Street

Mexicali was a burrito/taco place in Soho. It closed in January 2011, according to Good For Lunch.

The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

Joining the many eateries of Soho, Mexicali enters the increasingly crowded market for Mexican street food in London. Their branding pushes the Californian "freshness" angle.

They get praise for their burritos on the net, but Ewan had the quesadilla, which was plentiful and came with a slightly bland salsa, sour cream, corn chips, salad and guacamole (this last was 50p extra). Corn chips were a bit bland and clearly not made on site. However, the takeaway boxes are good and sturdy.

They do have some space inside for sit-down eating down the back, tables crammed closely together, but again the focus is on the takeaway crowd.

Ewan's verdict: I'm not sure this stands up to the plentiful competition for Mexican street food in the capital (none of which obviously compares to the best available in America), but it's reasonable enough value.

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Last visited by Ewan and Kerry, January 2010. Sources on the net as of late 2007 suggest it at least used to be open until 10pm. An anonymous commenter as of July 2010 tells us that it's open until 4:30pm most weekdays, 6:30pm on at least one weekday, and closed entirely on weekends.
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