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Itsu, E14 4QT

Decent enough conveyor belt sushi place in Canary Wharf.

Sushi snobs won't like it; but the quality isn't bad, it's just that many of the menu items are nontraditional and there's a total lack of any of the more unusual fish.

Kake and doop visited on the evening of Wednesday 22 November 2006; the service was friendly and competent, and despite what we'd read on the interweb it was neither too crowded nor too noisy (though it wasn't empty either — it was just right). The conveyor belt broke down towards the end of the evening and the staff came round to apologise, though really it was fine, because it was getting towards closing time anyway. We really liked the scallops with beetroot salad; the beetroot was shredded and raw and a perfect contrast to the rich, soft scallops. There was also a sauce that we were very happy with, but I can't remember what it was or what it came with. doop? Kake would not mind going here again, though it's not likely to become a favourite. It's certainly handy if you happen to be going out with someone who works in Canary Wharf.

They offer some interesting cocktails, including the lycheetini, which is unsurprisingly based on lychee, and is rather good.

They also offer takeaway boxes, and they will deliver selected menu items to the Canary Wharf estate only; you can order online via their website.

They have various other branches around London.

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Last visited by Kake and doop, 22 November 2006. Opening hours and delivery details taken from the Itsu website, January 2008.
OS X co-ord: 537485 OS Y co-ord: 180313 (Latitude: 51.505035 Longitude: -0.020429)
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