Picture of Indian Veg Bhelpoori House, N1 9EX

Indian Veg Bhelpoori House, N1 9EX

Pure vegetarian, all-you-can-eat Indian buffet restaurant on Chapel Market just a short walk from Angel Station.

As of July 2014, the price is £6 for all you can eat from the buffet. When you arrive, you're seated and given some cutlery, and then you can just help yourself. It's completely self-service, including the drinks, so you take what you want directly from the large refrigerated unit rather than ordering from a waiter. When you're finished, you pay at the till on the way out.

[lizw]? visited in September 2011. I found the staff friendly, helpful and efficient. I was eating alone, and found it a very comfortable place in which to do that. I really appreciated that brown rice was available, which is rare in London (my digestive system balks at white.)

The food on offer during my visit consisted of two different kinds of coleslaw; various sauces; various fried nibbles and bhajis; poppadoms and plain naan; brown, white and pilao rice; dal; and three types of veggie curry - one with potatoes and peas, one with what I think was paneer, and one with beans and other veg. I ate the spicy coleslaw (nice), brown rice (as you'd expect), bean-based curry (okay) and dal (absolutely delicious - I had a second helping). I also had one of the Whole Earth sparkling juice drinks, which was £1.90 (clearly the drinks are where they actually make their money.)

It was a no-frills, but pleasant experience, ideal for a quick and reasonably healthy veggie meal on the way to something else. The price felt like decent value and I will definitely be eating here again.

Bec visited in July 2014 and got the overall impression of "cheap and cheerful". The buffet included three different kinds of rice, lots of veg curry, dal, salad bar, and fried stuff.

According to a conversation Kake had with a staff member in April 2007, everything is vegan apart from one yoghurt dish; indeed, they have a sign on the wall inside stating that they are "Heaven for vegans". It's worth perusing the other signs too photos, especially the one in the basement exclaiming, "Vegetarian food can be really ORGASMIC!!!"

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Last visited by Bec, July 2014. Buffet price and opening hours verified on that visit.
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