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Hache, NW1 7HJ

A burger restaurant in Camden Town. They also have another branch in Chelsea (see Cheese And Biscuits review and Wild Boar review).

In the increasingly saturated marketplace of burger restaurants, dominated by dependable franchises such as Hamburger Union and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Hache manages to stand apart by the quality of its ingredients and the range of burgers available. The downside is that the prices can reflect this. It can also be difficult to attract the attention of the serving staff, as the place is constantly busy.

There's a long list of burgers, including numerous beef and chicken options, as well as fish, venison, lamb, duck, and five vegetarian burgers. Salads are also available. All burgers come served in ciabatta buns, with a bit of salad on the plate. Fries and onion rings are impressive and tasty, but are served as extras (around £2-£3).

Ewan's "grand champignon" vegetarian burger (£9, with mozzarella cheese an additional £2) photo impresses with the chunky vegetables and is thoroughly satisfying. Jo's avocado salad (£9) photo is also good, though rather dominated by lettuce.

The wine list includes a number of special offers at £10 (though only one of the four was available on our visit). The Australian merlot we went for (£16/bottle) was very drinkable.

As far as burgers go, Hache is definitely one of the better options.

Accessibility: The space is cramped and narrow, and there are steps at the entrance and further ones up to the dining areas at the rear. Access to the toilets (in the basement) is via a narrow, winding staircase.

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Last visited by Ewan, Ruudboy, Jo and others, 23 July 2008. Opening hours taken from Time Out website, July 2008.
OS X co-ord: 528800 OS Y co-ord: 183932 (Latitude: 51.539603 Longitude: -0.144172)
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