Picture of Everest Inn, SE15 1NL

Everest Inn, SE15 1NL

  • 881-883 Old Kent Road

Everest Inn was a Nepalese restaurant on Old Kent Road. According to Google Street View, it closed down by May 2014.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Nepalese restaurant on Old Kent Road. They also do takeaway and delivery, and they have another branch in Blackheath.

Kake, doop, Juliet, and secretlondon have all noted that they can be quite slow to deliver — over an hour, or even up to an hour and a half — and although they sometimes phone to warn you they're running late, this doesn't always happen.

They do some generic "Indian" curryhouse dishes as well as the Nepalese ones; the Nepalese ones are generally more interesting.

Dishes we've particularly enjoyed are:

  • Nepali choila (£4), marinaded lamb on a bed of crispy rice (yes, Rice Krispy type stuff); a nice contrast of textures, and some very good citrus/spice flavour in the lamb.
  • Stir-fried fish with vegetables; a fantastic slightly smoky taste, and a perfect texture.
  • Aloo tama ("Black-eyed beans, potatoes, and bamboo shoots cooked with spices"); an interesting and very tasty combination of curry and beans.

Even the side dishes are very good in and of themselves: both the fresh bhindi and fresh courgettes would work quite well as mains; in general, the vegetable dishes highlight and make great use of the flavour and texture of the vegetables, rather than being some-random-vegetable-in-curry-sauce affairs. The lemon rice is worth trying just for the little bits of lemon rind found within (NB as of June 2009 the lemon rice is no longer on the menu; doop is very unhappy about this).

Bob found the keema naan to be relatively standard, but thought that the pepper rice made a nice change from normal rice. He could taste the yoghurt in his main dish (though the identity of this dish has been lost in the mists of time).

Less good:

  • Kake tried the soup of the day (£2.50) in October 2007, a chicken noodle soup with spring onions. It smelt good on opening the package, but was disappointing; low on flavour and high on thickeners.
  • Kake also tried a salmon dish in February 2008; it wasn't bad but I'd probably not order it again as the fish was cooked more thoroughly than I like.

Comment added by Juliet: They seem to be generally pretty slow to deliver (up to an hr, or even just over) but it's worth the wait. Nothing like as greasy as other local delivery places, and more interesting veggie stuff. Fairly sure it's vegan-friendly as I've never felt unwell from it, but I haven't actually asked.

You can order online from their website, from Just-Eat, or from Hungry House. Note that even if you order online, they will phone you up and insist on reading your entire order back to you (this isn't a one-off; Kake and household order from them quite often and they do it every time). (secretlondon has never had this fwiw).

secretlondon has waited an hour and a half for a delivery! The house special karahi was lovely, the gurkhali, described as "fairly hot!" was very hot. Still the best curry that delivers to SE5. Just Eat charges £2 delivery below £12, cusinenet which is linked from their website has minimum order of £15. The last time secretlondon ordered it actually arrived on time!

See also:

  • Photos of the takeaway menu as of June 2009: page 1, page 2
Food last sampled by doop and Juliet, late 2009.
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