Demaezushi, SE1 2EL

  • 9 Walbrook (but delivery only)

Demaezushi was a sushi delivery place located first near London Bridge and then on Walbrook in the City. It also had other branches elsewhere in London. As far as we know, it's no longer active either at London Bridge or in the City.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Sushi delivery place; the interweb says it's owned by the same people as Cucina, though they no longer seem to operate from the same premises. Free delivery to EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1, and E2; they also deliver to SE1, SE16, E14, N1, E8, and E3 but will charge £2.50 for this. Note that they're closed on weekends.

They have [another branch]? in South Wimbledon.

You can order online from Urbanbite.

Kake, doop, and Bob have ordered from here several times. The sushi is competent; though it does sometimes show signs of having been slapped together in a hurry, the ingredients are sound, and the rice is well prepared. They've made minor mistakes with our order a couple of times, though; forgetting the sashimi dish but still charging us for it, sending a cheaper type of nigiri than ordered with no explanation (or bill reduction), that sort of thing.

One unusual menu item that's worth trying is the spicy miso soup with lime.

Comment added by Kake: Ordered from here 22 August 2007 and the food was over an hour late; no courtesy call to apologise, nothing. (That's over an hour late, not over an hour to arrive; it was more like two hours for it to actually arrive.)

On a February 2011 order, gyoza were a bit greasy but otherwise fine.

Food last sampled by Kake and Bob, February 2011.
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