Yow (elongated pronunciation)

You may be wondering about Chuck, so wonder no more, as it is I, who goes here. I do believe in randomness (N. Taleb) and don't believe in "fate". It happens sometimes that you are thinking of someone and they happen to call you. Girls would call that attraction, guys would call it six sent, but truth is, there is no such thing as "supernatural" and such occurrence is purely a natural thing. (Don't you smell a geek now?). If ur an extremely social person, you may know lets say, 300 people. Your brain works at about 2^15 terra flops, which is like a million thoughts per day, of which many, will be about the 300 people you know. These 300 people, themselves should know like the same amount of people (300), assuming they are as social as you are. Odds are, that you share around 100-200 common people that both of you know. Ah, so, with a million thoughts a day, at some point in the day, month or year, u'll be both thinking of each other at the same time. It's purely the law of large numbers and is bound to happen. No magic, supernatural abilities, mysterious attraction, or "divine bond"... It's purely randomness! It would happen less if you knew 3000 people each, but, then u should be running for public office now!

Which, inherently explains you getting to this page, me writing it, and being part of this cool website (nothing to do with Billy). Randomness. I wander london often, but it's a big town, and I am like Russell's teapot, and you can't prove or disprove my random wandering, unless I contribute a random article to this website, and make your London experience, a little less random!

And I have the biggest user page !

Rock on!

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