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Beauchamp, SW3 1NX

  • 43-44 Beauchamp Place

The Beauchamp was a pub in a very well-heeled area of Knightsbridge. According to the Aug/Sep 2017 London Drinker it has now closed, with building work underway and an uncertain future.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

A pub in a very well-heeled area of Knightsbridge.

Inside, the decor is very dark, dominated by sleek surfaces, black furnishings and black flock wallpaper. All furniture is in black leather, with large armchairs and a few sofas (space in the main bar area for maybe 20-30 people to be seated). There's a raised area up a few steps to the rear of the pub, as well as a few more tables out the front on the street itself, under awnings. Inside, there is one additional area to the side of the bar which is kept roped off for VIPs (with rather more extravagant furniture), and is kept empty even in the absence of those deemed important enough.

There are three handpulls at the bar (with two clips turned around, one of which is Greene King IPA), all of them off on Ewan's August 2011 visit. Keg lagers include Peroni and Hoegaarden, as well as Scrumpy Jack. There's a fairly small selection of bottle lagers. A glass of red Campo Viejo rioja is £6 (175ml glass).

On Ewan's Saturday afternoon visit, music is playing, and music videos are shown on a screen above the bar.

Ewan's verdict: I presume, given the area and the property values, that this pub has to work hard to ensure it appeals to local clientele. Clearly, the beer range is not a priority here, explaining the greater focus on wine (albeit a fairly short list) and spirits. The decor is also rather offputting for those wandering in of a rainy Saturday afternoon. This is likely to be far more suited to a younger clientele visiting in the evening.

Accessibility: One small step to get in to the main bar area. Toilets are upstairs.

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Last visited by Ewan and Kerry, September 2011.
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