Picture of Beanery, SW9 8SA

Beanery, SW9 8SA

  • Loughborough Junction Station, Coldharbour Lane

The Beanery was a coffee shop under Loughborough Junction Station. It has now closed. As of September 2017 the space has returned to being part of the station itself.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

Smart coffee shop under Loughborough Junction Station.

Since the station itself was renovated, more than a decade ago, there have been several attempts to run cafes in the ground floor space under the platforms; none have lasted long. Beanery, which opened at the beginning of February 2011, is the latest and easily the most ambitious.

The most immediately obvious and striking change is to the fabric and decor. The new management have removed the door leading into the station hallway, leaving only a portal window photo. Other touches, such as the light fittings photo and mural photo, give the space quite an individual and intimate feel.

They make very good coffee (Monmouth coffee, for those who care about these things). As of February 2011, prices range from £1.20 for a small espresso to £2.90 for a large mocha. Note: Jen has found that they err on the strong side with their coffees, so those who like milder coffee should make their preference clear.

There is a selection of home-baked cakes, muffins and pastries photo. itsbruce tried a lemon and seed muffin on one visit in February 2011, and was impressed by the quality. Freshly prepared sandwiches (£3.40 each) and large paninis (£3) are available too.

They also do pizza. As of February 2011, individual slices of pizza are £2 but a whole pizza, freshly baked on site with toppings chosen from the deli counter, is £7. itsbruce and Jen ordered a tuna, jalapeño and olive pizza photo and really enjoyed it. The ingredients were all of a really good quality, which always makes a difference, and the crust was nicely crispy. It was nearly, but not quite, on a par with Franco Manca's fare.

On a March visit, itsbruce tried a roast beef, coleslaw and horseradish sandwich photo. It was freshly made, with itsbruce's choice of bread (rye), quite large and with a generous portion of salad that spilled out onto the plate. It was also very good. Jen tried a BLT sandwich and declared it to be one of the best BLT's she has eaten.

itsbruce's verdict: It's quite startling to find an establishment of this quality tucked under one of the least loved train stations in London. I really hope they make a success of it.

Note: as of May 14th, the Beanery is no longer open on evenings or weekends.

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Last visited by itsbruce, June 2011. Prices copied from the menu chalked on the back wall.
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