Fee And Brown, BR3 1AY

Cafe in Beckenham, specialising in interesting coffees and teas.

The decor is clean and modern, with matte black tiles on the floor, pale grey walls, pale wood tables, and various decorations made from natural materials such as branches and pine cones. A fully glazed frontage allows the sunlight in, supplemented by lamps suspended on long flexes from the ceiling. Smaller tables are set out in the front part, with two long communal tables further back.

Kake has visited twice now. On a Monday lunchtime in January 2015, there were three or four other customers in when I arrived a little before noon, and several others arrived while I was there, including a few children. Instrumental jazz was playing, not too loud. On a Friday afternoon in January 2016, it was fairly busy when I arrived a little before 2pm, with the only free seats being at the communal tables in the back.

On both visits, a metal cup of tap water was brought along with the menus as soon as I sat down, my order was taken swiftly and efficiently, and the staff came around later to check if I wanted anything else (but with no pressure to order more).

A pot of "Earl Beckenham" tea (£2.40 in January 2015) was delicious, made from loose leaves and whole bergamot flowers. The presentation was good too photo, with the milk served in a mini glass milk bottle and a cup that was really nice to drink from — substantial but not too thick. Soya milk is available, though I didn't take up this option and don't know if it costs extra.

They also have a good selection of caffeine-free teas, also made from loose leaves. Rooibos blue (£2.50 in January 2016) had a nicely rounded flavour, with just enough vanilla to make it interesting without being overwhelming. Egyptian treasure (£2.50 in January 2016) was a well-balanced blend of chamomile and hibiscus flowers.

A roasted vegetable and hummous sandwich (£4 in January 2015) photo was a little less impressive. The bread ("sliced deli loaf") was good, with a well-developed texture and flavour, but the roasted vegetables weren't what I'd call roasted — only very lightly cooked, and with a bit too much remaining rawness — and the hummous was fairly uninteresting. The accompanying salad had little or no dressing, but the leaves were interesting enough to rescue it.

They have free wifi — ask the staff for the password.

Kake's verdict: I'd happily come to Beckenham on purpose to drink tea here, and I should try the food again at some point.

Child-friendliness: Children's books and toys are provided, and there's a reasonable amount of space to park pushchairs. They have several highchairs, though they're the type with no tray and very little back support. There's a pull-down baby change in the (unisex) toilet.

Accessibility: A shallow ramp to get in. No further steps to the toilet, which is a single unisex one with plenty of space, though there's somewhat narrow access to it through two doors.

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Last visited by Kake, January 2016. Opening hours taken from the Fee & Brown website, January 2016.
OS X co-ord: 537443 OS Y co-ord: 169636 (Latitude: 51.409097 Longitude: -0.025206)
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