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Nicholson's pub serving decent beer just off Upper Street close to Angel Station.

When bob and Kake visited in October 2007 they had at least four decent real ales on, all very drinkable. When the 38 bus route pub crawl visited in September 2010, there were five ales on; St Edmund's Ale, London Pride, Sharp's Doom Bar (£2.60/pint), Timothy Taylor Landlord (£3.15/pint), and Brian Turner's Golden Ale (£3).

As of October 2007, breakfast is served 10am-noon every day, and a full menu noon-10pm every day. Bob thought the food was OK; generous portions at an acceptable price. They do a filled Yorkshire pudding. Sunday roast is £8.

It is (at least sometimes) possible to book tables.

Accessibility: Not sure about steps to get in. There's an accessible toilet but there's a step to get to it.

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Last visited by the 38 bus route pub crawl, September 2010. Beer prices, food times, and details of Sunday roast taken from blackboards, October 2007.

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